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Thursday, 22 December 2011

laundry room loving!

The laundry room without a doubt is the
most overlooked room in any house...

Doing the laundry is hard enough! So we think
it's time to give our laundries a make over and help
take some of the stress out of this painful chore!

Whether you have an entire room or a small closet you can transform
any space that holds your washer and dryer into a beautiful room
that gives you the functionality that you need too......


Cute storage is the secret!

Use tin or wooden boxes, baskets and jars
to organise and hide laundry detergent and all the other messy stuff
you don't want your visitors to see!

The key here is to assign everything its own space
for easy use and more importantly a quick clean up!


How clever is this laundry riser/pedestal
that lifts your washer and dryer to a comfortable height and also
gives you space to store your laundry baskets in!

Our next project is to build one for ourselves...
and then show you all how to do it too!


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