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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

DIY herb garden!

Since we received so much lovely feedback on our
vertical wall garden post, we thought
we'd show you another one of our
latest gardening loves
and one that we think you should all try...

a herb garden!

Herb pots are super inexpensive, easy to maintain,
can be grown indoors or outdoors...
and when herbs are $3 - $4 a bunch at the
supermarket, we think these little
guys are a great investment!

Recycled tea tin's make very cute herb pots!

Just make sure to drill a hole at the bottom for
drainage. This is very important to ensure your herbs
grow to their fullest potential!

DIY herb pots are so easy, see below for the steps!

Saturday, 25 February 2012

~ chandelier love ~

We love bold lighting features in our homes
and there is no greater statement piece than a ceiling mounted chandelier.
A common misconception is that chandeliers work only in spaces with high ceilings,
but honestly if you choose the right one it can fill a room perfectly
and create a sense of proportion and depth that you didn't
even know was there!

We know the traditional ones can sometimes be a bit much - but there are so
many amazing contemporary interpretations popping up all the time.


We love French oak chandeliers made from old wine barrels,
industrial/urban chandeliers that are made using old milk bottles and mason jars
and also Moroccan themed chandeliers but our favourite is the
beaded chandy! We're a sucker for anything that adds colour!

Here's some we wanted to share with you, most of them have lights but
not all of them do - sometimes all you really need is something cool to fill a space.



Friday, 24 February 2012

Vintage Weekend Hideaway

It's been a busy week at Sky Parlour HQ
so we're looking forward to a bit of time off this weekend

If only we had one wish

it would be to be taken here

we think it'd be pretty awesome


Thursday, 23 February 2012

james + aubrey from bleubird vintage ♥

When we came across this gorgeous wedding story
from the family that are Bleubird Vintage
we fell in love!

We ♥
It's eclecticism,
celebration of love & colour...
and most of all the details, are truly inspiring

Once you see this we think you will fall in love too...
Images courtesy of bleubird vintage

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

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We've been busy little bee's!

Our office is looking pretty full these days!

We have found some amazing pieces so we thought
we would share their progress with you...
all of these pieces will be available for purchase soon!

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Please note this is not our website-
it is currently under construction at however will be up soon!

Our messy workshop!

Our latest favourite piece- the rocking chair.
We found this amazing chair, discarded and looking very unloved.
With a little sanding, painting and upholstery we think it will turn out beautifully!

Painting is done...
we used a sea foam colour as we thought it was a nice
contrast against the honey coloured timber.

Now to find appropriate upholstery material-
we will keep you posted on what we decide!
All images are copyright Sky Parlour and may not be used without permission

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

:: Tufted arm chairs ::

There's something about tufted arm chairs
that adds a sense of importance to any room.

It might be their association with old world prestige
that makes them seem so reputable?
All we know is they're everywhere and if you're looking for a way
to add some definition to your lounge room,
a tufted arm chair is the way to go.

We especially love them in bright mustard,
khaki and beige weaved linen.
The tufted arm chair in these unconventional colours
is a nice way to give a modern spin to an old technique.

Saturday, 18 February 2012

|||| Vertical Garden ||||

We love succulents!
Their textures, colours, patterns
and most of all
(for those of us who are lacking that green thumb...)
their resilience!

Succulents are super low maintenance,
can survive pretty much anywhere
and look amazing when contrasted against one another.

They look cute in pots, buckets, tin cans and vases
however our latest love are vertical succulent beds with timber frames.

It's a great way to turn an old boring wall into a flourishing work of art!


Thursday, 16 February 2012

:: a touch of copper ::

We are loving decorating with copper...
whether it's rustic, galvanised or hand hammered,
it all works for us!

Copper is the sweetheart of metals!
It has a warm, burnt tone that brings an old world charm to your home.
We're seeing it everywhere; copper pendant lights in living rooms, soaking tubs and sinks in bathrooms and French style pots and cooking utensils in the kitchen...

Copper is a warmer metallic option than silver, gold or stainless steel.
We know it can be expensive to decorate with but remember you only need a few pieces...
copper looks its best when mixed with other textures like wood, glass and ceramics.

Here are some copper embellished decors that we love!


Wednesday, 15 February 2012

vintage bar cart love!

On the weekend we went on another little road trip

Our favourite thing about going on road trips
is finding goodies at vintage stores along the way...

The find we are most excited about is an amazing
brass vintage bar cart!

We are totally in love with it.

So we thought we'd put together a little post showing different
ways you can put together a drink trolley for your home!

PS : If you're not a huge fan of putting your alcohol on display
you can also use it as a little flower cart with vases and pot plants!


happy valentine's!


Thursday, 9 February 2012

We heart all things Navajo

The Navajo people are extraordinary artists who weave beautiful prints and patterns that celebrate both the brightness and warmth of colour. Their designs often depict earth-like patterns and have great spiritual significance.

This is one trend that transcends the seasons making it a great investment buy! Navajo uses bright geometric prints combined with a palette of sunset hues that are usually contrasted against turquoise and browns.... AMAZING!

Today our post pays homage to all things Navajo. It's influence is everywhere at the moment, interiors, fashion, textiles and even illustration!

Check out these bohemian south west American inspired interiors & accessories! And if you like them, follow us on our facebook page because we will definitely be introducing a lot more Navajo inspired homewares and furniture into our Sky Parlour range!



How cool are these reworked stag antlers! LOVE xx


Wednesday, 8 February 2012

::: Pulley lights :::

    Our latest prediction?
    Pulley lighting!

    Who would have thought pulleys could look so cute!

    We think pulley lights are the perfect way to unify an
    industrial / vintage / french country decor...

    AND they don't just look pretty - they're practical too!

    The pulley mechanism allows you to adjust the light to the perfect
    height! For ambient light simply adjust it upward
    and for more meticulous tasks pull the counterweight to
    bring the shade closer.


    Monday, 6 February 2012

    :: Bathroom Inspiration //

    For the majority of the time bathrooms are clinical
    and let's face it... a little boring!

    Don't get us wrong we love white bathrooms but there
    are a few things you can do to warm it up!
    Create a cosy feel by using white floorboards instead of tiles,
    exposed brass piping and freestanding baths.

    We adore the use of cute wooden crates for storage purposes
    and timber step ladders as display stands-
    not only do they make your bathroom look super cute,
    they also create a nice contrast against white walls and floors.