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Saturday, 25 February 2012

~ chandelier love ~

We love bold lighting features in our homes
and there is no greater statement piece than a ceiling mounted chandelier.
A common misconception is that chandeliers work only in spaces with high ceilings,
but honestly if you choose the right one it can fill a room perfectly
and create a sense of proportion and depth that you didn't
even know was there!

We know the traditional ones can sometimes be a bit much - but there are so
many amazing contemporary interpretations popping up all the time.


We love French oak chandeliers made from old wine barrels,
industrial/urban chandeliers that are made using old milk bottles and mason jars
and also Moroccan themed chandeliers but our favourite is the
beaded chandy! We're a sucker for anything that adds colour!

Here's some we wanted to share with you, most of them have lights but
not all of them do - sometimes all you really need is something cool to fill a space.



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