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Wednesday, 16 January 2013


 "...we are all just visiting and we all simply want and need to belong to something, to somebody and to somewhere."

Artist Sara Rahbar was born in Iran but left with her family during the revolution at the beginning of the Iran Iraq war. Having to escape her family and home has been her largest muse and her opinion of war and nationalism, can be seen in her work. In her flag body of work she uses traditional fabrics and objects are reworked as collages that form various incarnations of the American and Iranian flag, exploring ideas of national belonging, as well as the conflicting role of flags as symbols of ideological and nationalistic violence.

"My work is my story told. It is the mirror image of my life, my environments, my history, my present and my memories. I began as a painter, and I still feel as if I am painting, only now its with textiles and objects rather than paint. My work is instinctual, its innate and deeply rooted, its almost as if it was ingrained within me, just as memory and history are ingrained within us. My memories are like pages in a book that I carry with me wherever I go. " - Sara Rahbar

The textures, embroidery and applique on her pieces are just amazing.

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