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Sunday, 3 February 2013

: Eclectic Spanish Holiday House :

Located a few steps from Madrid, this house is situated in Spains Retiro Park.

It is a beautiful eclectic mix of flea market finds coupled with classic style and amazing vision. 

Mixing styles creates this retro-chic style, where eclecticism becomes a conductive thread between spaces. Solid wood, chairs metal, aged leather, methacrylate and crystal dominate equally in interior design. A passion for furniture and objects of the past is evident, where even new furnishings were chosen with an antiqued finish.

Our favourite room is the dining room; where metal chairs are combined with a white washed rustic dining table and an amazing collection of art deco mirrors grace the feature wall.

If you're thinking you would love to live in a place like this... you can!
This home is available to rent here


  1. I always think why Spanish architect is so much rich!! You can take any example like villas, holiday houses, lawns etc.

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