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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

hello yellow!


We've always loved using yellow pieces in our interiors...
which is why we produced our yellow coffee table!
(shown in the first pic)

Yellow creates such a nice bold contrast to any room.
We're starting to see it being used in interior
decorating a lot more and we think it is genius!

Yellow is the kind of colour that can be used with any neutral palette;
either with colder neutrals like white's and greys ....
or it also works amazingly well with
warmer neutrals such as beige and mushroom.

We especially love yellow pieces when used
in contrast with timber floorboards and furniture!

The only thing we will warn you about?
Be careful not to mix it with too many bold colours,
Yellow is a colour that is strong enough to lift a room
on it's own... so keep it quite neutral!

In saying that we think everyone should have
at least one piece of yellow in their home this season!

It's just so fun!

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