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Friday, 13 January 2012

:: { cozy corner } ::

Cushions are one of the small luxuries of life. They add warmth and inspiration
to any home and are a great way to introduce colour into a neutral room.
Whether they are grouped together or used as individual highlights,
cushions make your living room so much more inviting.

Interior decorators LOVE using cushion because they have
the ability to instantly change the look of a room. We have a seriously
unhealthy obsession with cushions too, our homes are filled with them....
and we still want more! In a practical sense our back aches without one,
really.... it's true, we NEED cushions!!!!

Our favourtie right now is without a doubt the crochet cushion!
It adds texture and accentuates furniture throughout your home...
you have to have one if in the kid's room!




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