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Friday, 26 April 2013

FRIDAY FADS ++ the iPhone Telescope ++

For those of you who don't know us very well... basically we're nerds at heart.

AND ... we have a weird obsession with gadgets...

Anything new, anything we can add to something we use everyday to make it work better or differently
and anything to do with technology. Yes we are suckers.
So it was a natural progression for us to add this section to our blog...

Our first Friday Fad is a little contraption that we came across on our trip to Bali ...

Let us set the scene for you :
It was a beautiful afternoon, we were sitting at a cliff top bar having a couple of cocktails and enjoying the sunset. Naturally one thing came to our mind ... INSTAGRAM.
There was a little balinese boat sailing along in the ocean, sun was setting, ocean was blue. It was perfect.
The only problem was ... our iPhone wouldn't zoom in enough to capture it!

Cue in the lady at the table next to us, who had attached to her iPhone (and who we nearly tackled for...)


I know, right.
- Instantly converts your iPhone 4 / 4S into a telescope
- 6x optical zoom, 18mm lens
- Great for taking pictures from a distance
- New design to run of rays effectively avoiding the contortion of image
- Take super wide angle pictures with large luminous flux

You can get one for under $15 including shipping to Australia here!

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